Menicucci Villa Panzella Calcagno PLLC is New York City’s premiere real estate law firm. We specialize in real estate transactions and judicial proceedings for both residential and commercial real estate. Real estate transactions are some of the most expensive and long-term investments a person will make in their lifetime. With our vast knowledge and experience, we’ll help you through every step of the process. Call us today!


For any building project, Menicucci Villa Panzella Calcagno PLLC can assist both developers and financial institutions to cut through all the complexities of construction finance transactions. Our firm’s unparalleled experience and knowledge of the construction industry and the various legalities involved make us an indispensable partner to assist you with all of your construction law needs.


The wide scope of Business Law covers the formation and operations of corporations and other business entities and is related to commercial and contract law. Business in today’s world is increasingly diverse. With perpetual innovation, rapidly changing technological advances, and evolving business strategies playing out on an increasingly global stage, the laws that govern commerce are constantly developing. Let us be your guide through the red tape!


In the face of a rapidly changing and complex financial world, Menicucci Villa Panzella Calcagno PLLC provides expert counsel on banking and finance law.

  • Residential Lending
  • US Small Business Administration – SBA
  • Commercial Lending
  • Office Building Finance
  • Bank Operations

Whether aiding owners and developers in preparing and negotiating leases, or a family buying their dream home, our attorneys help guide clients through all matters of real estate transactions. We have an outstanding track record in committed revolving credit facilities, lines of credit; and real estate: including acquisition loans, construction loans, government-assisted loan transactions, letters of credit, and leasing transactions. We also handle inventory, equipment, acquisition financing, real estate acquisition, improvement, and refinance. You can count on Menicucci Villa Panzella Calcagno PLLC to cut through the confusion of New York Property and Real Estate Laws.


Few things cause more distress than the prospect of litigation. Lawsuits are unpredictable at best, and if handled improperly can grind projects to a halt. At Menicucci Villa Panzella Calcagno PLLC, we focus on your prosperity, both in business and personally. We help our clients avoid the unnecessary consumption of both time and money. As the number of lawsuits filed within the Courts continues to grow at accelerating rates in our society, confidence in your Counsel to handle your legal needs with precision, expertise and discretion is essential. Our team has the experience and insight to minimize disruption, protect your interests now, and develop a strategy to protect you in the future.