Director of Operations (Residential Lending Division) – Dina Malliae

Dina Malliae is the Operations Manager of the Lender Services Division of Menicucci Villa Panzella Calcagno PLLC. The driving force behind the great success of the division, Dina has over 25 years of experience in not only facilitating and executing residential mortgage settlement and closings for major retail lenders, and wholesale mortgage bankers in the State of New York, but continuously teaching, training and supervising our diligent team of loan processors to do the same. In an industry which demands diligence, a high level of quality control, fastidious attention to detail, and rapid responses to various challenges, our team never fails to impress – all under Dina’s leadership.

Dina has extensive experience handling various types of real estate finance transactions, including purchases, refinances, CEMA’s, reverse mortgages and condominium/ co-operative transactions. An effective manager, Dina excels at motivating staff to reach their full potential, while using her experience to help them increase their own knowledge and continue the perpetual process of improvement in the face of rapidly evolving and changing markets, as well as giving her direct attention to more complex files which require experienced hands. As a direct liaison to the Firm’s partners as well as banks and lending institutions represented by the Firm, Dina is the chief support of our Lender Services Division.

Those familiar with the residential mortgage market in the City of New York, know Dina by name, as she has spent more than two decades building relationships with key individuals in the mortgage industry., from the largest banks, to local private lenders. And those who know her, know what she stands for: professionalism, excellence, experience. A renowned problem solver. And most notably, the passion and drive to never back down from any challenge, and to accomplish any goal that is set before her. The Firm is very fortunate to have developed such talent in its Lender Services Division, and boasts an “all-star” team – with Dina firmly at the helm.