Mortgage Closing Policy

Menicucci Villa Panzella Calcagno, PLLC is following the New York State and CDC guidelines in regards to Social Distancing. The following steps must be taken to help curb the spread of COVID-19.

1. If any of the parties involved in the transaction, are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, Cough, Chest Tightness, Fever, Shortness of Breath, Cold or Flu Like symptoms, we require that you notify us right away so we can make alternative arrangements for your closing.

2. Please take a photo of your valid unexpired photo identification, driver’s license or passport and email it to us in advance of your closing so we don’t need to pass ID’s back and forth. Please bring multiple copies to the closing.

3. We ask that all parties thoroughly wash their hands before entering the conference room.

4. Limit closings and meetings to necessary parties only. Necessary parties are limited to those needed to execute documents. Brokers/Realtors should not be present.

5. Children should not be permitted into the office.

6. Seating has been removed from the reception area, an alternative seating area has been setup within the lower lobby.

7. Reception area is to be clear of clients and staff, other than the receptionist.

8. Closers and meeting organizers must not allow the sharing of pens. Disinfecting pens after each closing or meeting is a requirement. Pen boxes have been removed from conference rooms.

9. Closers are cautioned to wear protective gloves and face masks. Documents will be provided and the closer is to step out of the room when he or she is not needed.

10. 6 feet of space between parties is a requirement for all closings and meeting.

11. Closers drop off and pick up documents at the reception area.

12. Conference rooms and ancillary public areas after every closing and meeting are thoroughly disinfected.